We’re usually aware of how much a balanced and healthy diet affects our overall well being. But do we really understand the extent of its impact? Would you believe us if we told you that the right foods can truly help your dry eye disease?
Well, believe it or not, it really can.

Dry eye disease is essentially inflammation in your eye.  In other words, what we need to do is to decrease the state of alert and inflammatory process of the eye.  We use all kinds of tools to do this in-clinic, as well as through the consumption of Omega 3 supplements.

Of course,  in order for these treatments and supplements to have their optimal effect- we must first begin by decreasing the overall inflammation in our body. The easiest way to do this, where we have most control, is through choosing the right foods to eat.
Let’s explore these power foods that help reduce inflammation!


What are each of these vitamins for? How can they do wonders for our bodies? Which foods are packed with them?

Vitamin A: the eye’s best friend

Vitamin A is best known for providing essential nutrients for the eyes. Your retina needs vitamin A to help turn light rays into perceivable images. Also, without vitamin A, our eyes don’t have the moisture they need to prevent dry eyes.  
Vitamin A superfoods: sweet potatoes (200% of our daily dose of vitamin A), carrots, apricots and oranges. 

Vitamin C: powerhouse antioxidant

Vitamin C helps repair and grow new tissue cells that were damaged by foods we ate, unhealthy habits (smoking), and environmental factors. This vitamin is obviously critical to our eye health.
Vitamin C superfoods: cantaloupe, kiwis, citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, grapefruit), broccoli, brussel sprouts, green & red peppers,  spinach & leafy greens.

Vitamin E: keeping cells healthy

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant which protects our bodies’ cells. Foods which have vitamin E are good for tear function.
Vitamin E superfoods: fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids (salmon, tuna, halibut, sardines, trout), avocados, almonds, sunflower seeds.


Maintaining good health and caring for your dry eye can be creative and fun! Here are a few healthy, delicious & easy treats that will help nurture your precious eyes:

December 22, 2020

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