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Dry Eye Nutrition Program

Dry eye syndrome is more than just an annoyance—it's a signal from your body that something needs attention. Inflammation lies at the root of this condition, and the key to healing lies within.  That is exactly why the doctors here designed an integrative approach, targeting the underlying causes of dry eye and using food and nutrients as medicine.

What sets this method apart is our commitment to addressing the root causes of inflammation, rather than simply masking symptoms. We know from decades of experience that nutritionally remodeling the body in a personalized way is the most effective and sustainable way to achieve lasting results and make you less reliant on expensive drops and procedures.

Throughout the 10-week journey, you'll receive expert guidance from the team of experienced nutrition-certified eye doctors, who are dedicated to your success. They will walk you through a step-by-step process, providing practical tips, personalized strategies, and valuable resources to support you every step of the way. You'll also have access to a supportive community of fellow dry eye sufferers, where you can share experiences, ask questions, and celebrate milestones together.

What you can expect

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  1. Gut Health Optimization: Discover the powerful connection between your gut and your eyes. We'll show you how to create a gut-friendly environment, supporting better nutrient absorption and reducing inflammation.
  2. Immune Balance Techniques: Learn how to strengthen and balance your immune system to combat inflammation and promote eye health. We'll guide you through targeted strategies to optimize your body's defense mechanisms.
  3. Brain Health Optimization: Understand the intricate link between brain health, cellular energy, and eye health. Our experts will teach you how to nourish your brain & enhance cognitive function.
  4. Personalized Plans: Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to delicious, nutrient-rich recipes designed specifically for dry eye sufferers. Our plans can be tailored to your unique needs, biomarkers, and preferences, making healthy eating a joyous experience.
  5. Lifestyle Strategies: Explore a range of lifestyle practices and habits that support your healing journey. From mind-body techniques to sleep optimization, we'll equip you with invaluable tools to enhance your overall well-being. 
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