Summertime is meant to be a break from the routine and the regular rush of the busy year. It’s a short time that provides respite from the cold, where we finally let our skin breathe and receive that sun-kissed glow it so desperately needs. With the summer comes lively, outdoor activities that involve a high dosage of sunlight and water, both essential to our survival, but which demand precautions. 

Let’s explore just how we can enjoy ourselves this summer and soak it all in without causing damage or harm to our bodies and especially to our eyes. 

What are the 3 most common eye conditions out there and how do we protect ourselves from them?

1. Photokeratatis - also known as  - “Sunburn of the Eye”

Whenever the sun shines off of a highly reflective surface, such as water for example, this can cause the sun’s UV rays to reach the surface of your eye. Without proper protection, this can ultimately lead to an eye sunburn, otherwise known as photokeratitis. Symptoms of this condition would include pain, redness, blurred vision and sometimes even temporary loss of vision.

You know those fabulous, oversized sunglasses and that broad-brimmed hat (à la Grace Kelly) that have been sitting in your closet all winter long? Now is the time to whip ‘em out, they’re actually necessities during these hot months – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! It’s important to make sure you buy sunglasses that are marked “100% UV protection” in order to ensure proper coverage.

2. Swimmer’s Eye

One of the highlights of summer is spending long hours in the water or by the pool. Unlike natural ocean water, pools can be rough on the eyes because of chemicals, such as chlorine, which keep the water clean. These chemicals may dry out the eye, or may cause redness, irritation and blurry vision. 

We know that goggles aren’t fashionable, but your eyes are way too precious to risk damaging! Don’t forget to use preservative-free eye drops after the pool, and always remember never to swim with your contact lenses! 

3. Dry Eye

Summer is especially challenging for those of us with dry eye, because the hot, dry climatic shift tends to irritate our dry eyes more than usual. For those of us who live in more humid areas, the climate shift is a little less jarring and difficult on our eyes.  There are two simple solutions for treating dry eye during the summer: sunglasses and preservative-free eye drops. We want to keep our eyes as nourished and moist as possible. 

Have fun & stay safe!

XO The Eye Drop Shop Team 








July 14, 2019

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