WE LOVE EYES Lashfull Thinking™ lash + brow cleansing brush

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Enjoy the comfort of the uniquely dome shaped brush with the goal of limiting eyelash + eyebrow loss while cleansing. Pair with your favorite WLE foam, oil, or spray for a luxe feeling cleanse.

Size: 40mm wide and 118mm long



  • - Limit unnecessary eyelash + eyebrow loss while cleansing
  • - Contours with eye socket & brow bone perfectly
  • - High density bristles smoothly glides over lash + brow
  • - Promotes eyelid margin health
    How To Use

    For external use only.

    Apply your favorite WLE foam, oil, or spray to top of dry brush. After each use, wash with WLE Foaming Cleanser. Rinse thoroughly with water, dry with a clean towel, and leave to air dry.

    Our philosophy is that clean eyes = a happy life. We Love Eyes products do not treat any eye disease. Although our founder is an Optometrist, We Love Eyes products do not replace your eye care professional. Always consult your eye care professional when using eye care products. Please be mindful that normal lash loss will still occur.

    Product Facts
    Non Toxic IngredientsNon Toxic Ingredients Third Party TestedThird Party Tested
    Made in the U.S.A.Made in the U.S.A.      Good Manufacturing PracticeGood Manufacturing Practice
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