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ONLY FITS XL TRANQUILEYES® GOGGLE, NOT STANDARD GOGGLE: One set of the instant version of thermoeyes™ XL and white fabric pockets. These are for use with the tranquileyes® xl goggle, the tranquilvibes® goggle, or a Stye Kit XL. The Instants version of thermoeyes™; activate by clicking the stainless steel disc on the inside of the packet back and forth. The sound created by the clicking action creates a frequency that changes the molecular structure from liquid to crystal, generating heat. The gel packs are combined with a fabric pocket moistened in hot water to create up to 20 minutes of moist heat therapy.
The gel packs are reusable over 150 times for heat. To reuse, the gel pack must be boiled in water for 5 minutes. The boiling resets the packet from crystal to liquid. Once cooled to room temperature, they are ready for reuse.