See-Green® Scleral LED System with Stand


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See-Green® Scleral System is an LED lighted lens guided for Application/Removal with green LED LIGHT and STAND with wire slot.  When the See-Green®TM Plunger with hole for LED is in the stand you can fill your scleral lens with installation fluid without worry of spillage.  You can now use both hands to hold your eyelids open and use the green light to guide your eye into the lens.    

2 year free replacement policy (Light)

U.S. Patent No. 7,163,245



What's Included 
  • 1 See Green Stand with slot for light wire and Plunger holder
  • 1 LED Green Light, battery supply case with 2 replaceable AAA batteries
  • 1 See-Green®TM Plunger with hole for LED
  • 1 DMV Ultra Contact Lens Remover
  • See-Green®TM Vented Storage Vial
  • Lab grade polypropylene medical container (autoclavable) suitable for sanitary storing of application and remover plungers in-between use. Side vented to permit drying inside
  • 1 Zipper bag 7” x 5” x 1.5” clear soft 5.5 ga. PVC vinyl