TRANQUILEYES XL Goggle Replacement Foam - 3 pairs

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For the TRANQUILEYES XL Goggles.  All foam on the tranquileyes goggle is designed to be replaced. TRANQUILEYES suggest replacing after approximately 60 uses.

What's Included

Includes three sets of XL Foam Replacements (left and right eye cushions with moisture pads, 6 counts) 

Use and Care
The tranquileyes® foam can be replaced in a few simple steps. First, remove all old foam from the goggle and wipe the surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any adhesive residue. Let dry. Then, remove paper liner from the back of the replacement foam to expose adhesive. Line up the foam to correct eye and press firmly. Finally, repeat same steps on the other side.

Hand wash black foam inserts with mild soap and warm water after each use. Rinse well, squeeze out extra moisture and air dry in mesh bag. Foam (outer cushion and inner pad) should be replaced as needed.