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OCUNOX® eye ointment protects the surface of the eye.  OCUNOX® contains Vitamin A, a natural part of the tears, that optimizes the comfortable and hydrating feeling.  It is ideal for protection of the eye at night.  It gently lubricates the eyes while preventing the tears from evaporating during sleep. 

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Our tear production tends to decrease at night when our eyes are closed. During sleep, the lacrimal gland produces only about a third of the daytime output of tears.

OCUNOX® Eye Ointment is designed to provide optimal nighttime protection and moisturization.

OCUNOX® Eye Ointment is preservative free and phosphate free, which helps avoid unwanted complications such as intolerance or deposits in the cornea.

Preservatives can damage the cells of the eye surface, destroy the natural tear film and be the cause of intolerance reactions.

Phosphates buffers can form insoluble crystals due to the reaction with calcium (released from damaged cells). These crystals can impair your vision.


Contains 250 I.U/g retinol palmitate (Vitamin A), paraffin, liquid paraffin, wool fat, and white petrolatum