LacriPure Rinsing & Insertion Saline

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LacriPure is a unit-dose non-preserved, 0.9% NaCl (normal saline) solution indicated for rinsing soft, rigid gas permeable and hybrid contact lenses prior to insertion. The sterile saline solution is also indicated for filling scleral lenses prior to insertion.

LacriPure’s 5ml blow-fill-seal vials are appropriately sized for all scleral lens diameters and offer the safety of single-use bottles that help to prevent contamination. Because LacriPure contains no buffers or preservatives, the risk of a toxic reaction is significantly reduced.

Product Size

1 Box = 98 Sterile 0.17 fl. oz. (5mL) disposable single use plastic vials.

Current Stock Expiry Date: November 2024