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For the Relief of Severe Chronic Dry Eye Disease & Lagophthalmos Symptoms

I-DEFENCE® is a long-lasting, lubricating ointment that delivers superior moisturizing and protection of the ocular surface.

Current Stock Expiry Date: March 2025

Maximum Relief For Severe Chronic Dry Eye

  • Contains 0.40% sodium hyaluronate
  • Enables a prolonged contact-time with the ocular surface
  • Immediate, long-lasting hydration and lubrication
  • Reduces tear film evaporation
More Details

Containing 0.40% sodium hyaluronate, I-DEFENCE®’s formulation is extremely effective at providing maximum, long-lasting relief of dry eye symptoms and is well tolerated by the patient.

The unique viscous properties of I-DEFENCE® enable a prolonged contact-time with the ocular surface. This hydrating ointment provides soothing relief of dry eye symptoms, such as soreness, irritation or a gritty sensation on the eyes and acts as a barrier against moisture loss. It can be used during surgical procedures and is ideal for patients that suffer from nocturnal lagophthalmos.

I-DEFENCE® is recommended for night-time use. Upon application, the patient may experience a foreign body sensation that will pass after several blinks. If used during the day, it is recommended that the patient does not drive a car or operate heavy machinery, as their vision may be blurry due to the consistency of the ointment. I-DEFENCE® is most effective when used at night while the patient is asleep, which allows the ointment to remain on the cornea longer.

Contact Lens Compatible: No

Format size: 5 g (0.18 fl. oz) tube

How To Use

I-DEFENCE® comes in a sterile tube. In order to keep the tip of the tube and the contents sterile, it is recommended that I-DEFENCE® be dropped into the eye, without touching the cornea or surrounding tissues.

I-DEFENCE® should be used within 8 weeks of opening.


  • 1. Wash your hands well before you use I-DEFENCE®

  • 2. When initially opening I-DEFENCE®, do not use the first delivery of the ointment, which may be aqueous. Gently squeeze the tube until the ointment begins to come out.

  • 3. Tilt your head up slightly and pull the lower eyelid downwards, to form a pouch.

  • 4. Hold the tube vertical to your eye.

  • 5. Press the tube gently to release a small quantity of the product on your eye (preferably at night). Repeat this process for your other eye.

  • 6. If an additional daily dose is required, apply a small quantity of the ointment to your eyes every 3-4 hours, or according to your doctor’s instructions.

  • 7. Please ensure that the tip of the tube does not touch anything, including your eye or your fingers.

  • 8. Close the cap tightly after use.

Vaseline Oil, Vaseline, purified water, Lanolin alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, potassium sorbate, mono basic potassium phosphate, sodium hydroxymethylglcinate, disodium phosphate, sodium chloride.