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 Chronic Symptoms

HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ eye drops contain a high concentration of high molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate which makes it exceptionally viscous and provides the ocular surface with intensive, soothing and long-lasting moisturization. The Ectoine stabilizes the tear film and protects tears from excessive evaporation for extended dry eye relief.

Bottle Size: 10ml / 300 drops 

How To Use the HYLO Bottle

Current Stock Expiry Date: June 2026
  • - Offers immediate comfort, moisturizes and protects your eyes from dryness and irritation for a long time.
  • - Offers immediate intensive lubrication of chronically dry eye.
  • - Relieves inflammatory symptoms such as burning and itching.
  • - Long-lasting dry eye relief for fewer daily applications.
  • - Preservative free and usually very well tolerated.
  • - Phosphate free, avoiding complications like deposits in the cornea.
  • - 300 drops per bottle
More Details

With  HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ interaction of Sodium Hyaluronate and Ectoine provides intensive long-lasting lubrication of the ocular surface and protects against evaporation of tears. Together, they provide relief from environmentally-triggered irritations and inflammatory symptoms, such as itching and burning.

Contact Lens Compatible: No

Product Duration: 300 drops per bottle. Up to 6 months after opening.


Contains 2mg/mL Sodium Hyaluronate, 20mg/ml Ectoine, a borate buffer and water