EYESEALS® 4.0 Hydrating Sleep Mask

Vendor Eye-Revive

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Eyeseals® 4.0 creates a moisture rich environment for the eyes, eyelid, and surrounding skin such that your eyes and surrounding skin are hydrated when you awake. Soft and flexible unitary design includes adjustable headband. Ideal for air travel. Clear mask recommended for CPAP users. 

What does it do?
- Helps relieve dry eyes during rest and sleep
- Shelters dry eyes from: Drafts and Low humidity environments

  • Dry eye (mild to advanced)
  • Nocturnal lagophthalmos
  • CPAP air leaks
  • Recurrent corneal erosions
  • Compromised lid seal
  • Floppy eye syndrome
Before wearing your Eyeseals® 4.0, gently clean face and eyelids to remove all dirt and makeup. Optionally, spray Soothing Eye Mist, or add a few drops of water inside the eyecups to increase moisture. Adjust the secure wrap so the mask fits comfortably and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Precaution: This product has been designed to be used solely to facilitate eye comfort during rest or sleep and is not to be used for any other purpose. It is not intended to be used as protective eyewear. For your safety, do not drive, operate machinery, or attempt to walk around while using this product.
Wash Eyeseals® 4.0 with warm water and a mild soap after each use. Rinse well and air dry. Store Eyeseals® 4.0 flat and in microfiber bag.
Replace wrap as needed.