Canopy Portable Humidifier

Vendor Canopy

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Humidifier +  Aromas

 Perfect for Your Personal Space.

A reimagined Portable Humidifier that uses first of its kind hybrid humidification to deliver moisture on the go.

  • Effortlessly hydrate skin & increase efficacy of topical products
  • Combat dryness, sensitivity, dullness and fine lines & wrinkles
  • Boost immunity & alleviate symptoms of cold, flu & allergies
  • Our Portable Humidifier is TSA-approved

Colour:  Cream

More Info 
  • 500 ml tank, up to 24 hours of running time
  • 11 hour battery life when run on low
  • 3 mist settings: low, medium, high
  • 3 in. length x 7 in. height x 3 in. width
  • 6.3 oz
How it Works

Step 1:  Prepare for Use Twist to Remove the water tank and cap from basee

Step 2: Fill the Tank Fill tank with distilled water and twist back onto base

Step 3: Hydrate Choose your setting and enjoy clean, hydrated air


Personal Hydration Angled grate and fan directs moisture towards you

Travel Ready TSA approved with reusable travel dust bag

Long-Lasting Battery Hydrate up to 11 hours on a single charge

Easy Clean Easy to handle, dishwasher safe parts

Inhibits Mold Smart Persistent Airflow (SPA)™ technology combats mold

Aroma Diffusion Place the aroma puck on top and add fragrance oil


Where can I place the Portable Humidifier?

Our portable humidifier is designed with versatility in mind, making it perfect for personal use in various settings. Here are some recommended placement options:

  • Place it on your desk while working
  • Set it on your vanity while you indulge in your skincare routine
  • Place it on the nightstand of your hotel room while traveling
  • It can fit comfortably on the tray table of a train or plane while traveling

Keep in mind that the Canopy Portable Humidifier has a hydration radius of about 4 feet, so ensure it's placed within proximity to experience its benefits fully.

What is the runtime on the Canopy Humidifier?

  When the unit is plugged in, it can operate continuously without any time constraints.

In battery mode, the humidifier can run for up to 11 hours on the low setting, with a full battery charge. If you opt for medium or high settings, the runtime may vary slightly due to increased power consumption.

How do I clean the Canopy Portable Humidifier?

The Water Tank, which sits on top of the unit, Steel Filter which attaches to the bottom to keep out dust and debris, and tank Cap are all dishwasher safe, making it easy to maintain cleanliness. Simply place them in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

To clean the bottom of the unit, where the electrical components are stored, we recommend using a damp rag or antibacterial wipe. Wipe the bottom fan intake and the top of the basin once a week to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated.

Does the Portable Humidifier have a filter like the other Canopy Humidifiers?

Unlike our other Humidifiers (the Bedside, Nursery, and Large Rooms units) that feature our signature paper filter technology, the Portable Humidifier does not require a filter.

While our paper filter technology remains ideal for everyday home use, the filter-free design of the Portable Humidifier ensures easy maintenance and hassle-free operation, making it perfect for travel.

What kind of water should I use in the Portable Humidifier?

Your Portable Humidifier works with tap, filtered, or distilled water. Distilled water is recommended for optimal performance, and to reduce maintenance, but it's not required.

How do I travel with the Portable Humidifier?

Our Portable Humidifier is TSA-approved, making it the perfect travel companion for your journey.

When you're going through the TSA checkpoint, remember to empty your Canopy Portable Humidifier to comply with TSA regulations.

After passing through security you can easily refill your Portable Humidifier at any water bottle station before you reach your gate.