Blue Blocker Glasses from Blutech Eyewear - Girl's

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Anne Droid Pink Tortoise Shell Glasses with BluTech Max Lens

Frame Size (mm) : 47-16-130

No Rx

  • Artificial blue light is emitted from screens and energy-efficient lighting.  BluTech lenses reduce the exposure to blue light by filtering the wavelengths associated with digital eyestrain, headaches and sleeplessness. 
  • These lenses offer near-clear protection against blue-light without distorting color
  • The Proprietary treatment is infused into the lens, not a coating that can scratch off or wear off.




    BluTech Lenses can be worn while using digital devices such as:

    • Tablet
    • IPad
    • Phones
    • Computer
    • Video games
    • Watching TV