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EVOLVE Daily Intensive drops
EVOLVE Daily Intensive drops
EVOLVE Daily Intensive drops

EVOLVE Daily Intensive drops

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EVOLVETM Daily Intensive drops are ideal for sensitive eyes with mild to moderate Dry Eye symptoms. With 0.2% hyaluronate, EvolveTM Daily Intensive drops provide effective daily hydration of dry eyes.  


HYDRATING HYALURONATE - With its incredible moisture-locking ability and unique blink-adaptive viscosity, HYALURONATE is recommended for dry eye relief by international eye specialists.
GENTLE ON THE EYES – With no preservatives or phosphates, EvolveTM drops provide gentle, all-day relief from dry eye symptoms.

DESIGNED FOR THE EYES - The bottle is designed to be the most comfortable to use with easy-squeeze sides, micro-sized drops, and PureFlowTM sterility technology with a blue aiming tip.


Compatible with contact lenses, this non-blurring formula brings all day relief from dry eye symptoms


1 - Place one drop into each eye 

2 - Repeat two to four times a day, or as directed by a clinician

3 - Discard 3 months after first opening.


Sodium hyaluronate 0.2% w/v - Naturally found in the body, HYALURONATE provides the comforting lubrication you can feel with every blink.

Sodium Chloride - SODIUM CHLORIDE brings the formulation to the appropriate salt concentration, which all cells need.

Boric Acid / Borax - These buffer components ensure the formulation pH is at a balanced level for the eye.

Water - The original and ultimate moisture molecule.

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